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Make your business extraordinary through digital transformation.

Cloud computing can propel your business into the future by providing the right technology foundation for your team to grow, innovate, and succeed.

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What can the Cloud do for your business?


The cloud
Do you want to
transform your business

Cloud services help businesses streamline internal operations by providing a platform for your business to succeed by driving revenue, innovation and growth. If you want to enhance your business, the Cloud is the solution for you.

Ahead of the curve
Looking to stay
ahead of the curve?

Adopting a strategy that takes advantage of cloud services will create business opportunities and excel your business into the digital era. Staying ahead of the curve has never been easier.

Ahead of the curve
Want to increase

Making customer and end-user experience the best possible by using cloud services to ensure you are constantly innovating.



The Cloud can do the above and so much more; if you're interested, why not talk to our team?

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What are the business benefits of the Cloud?


It's fully flexible
and scalable


The Cloud is fully scalable to your needs. As your business grows, your cloud will grow alongside you, supporting you with the right resources whenever you need them. This enables flexibility: you only pay for and use what you need.

A collaborative


The Cloud enables your team to work together in real-time through a range of cloud-based applications, allowing you to instant chat, edit documents and share work. This makes it easier than ever to keep your workforce efficient through smart technology.

Work from any device,


Whether you are a remote business or not, the Cloud can support you. The ability to work from any device in any location opens the door to flexible working. With cloud computing, your working options are limitless; take advantage of the flexibility of work offered through the Cloud.

Reduce your
IT costs


Remove the expense of hardware, maintenance and unexpected costs by switching to the Cloud, which has a fixed monthly billing fee, so you know what to expect. When moving to the Cloud, considering the ROI is essential; cloud technology will change the entire way your business and employees work and save time on everyday tasks.

Protect your
essential data


The Cloud is a far more secure and reliable way for you to protect your data. Not only will your cloud provider ensure regular cloud backups, but they will make sure your cloud is always up to date and handle all the maintenance, so you never have to worry about it.

Increase your team's


The Cloud places all the data your employees could need to carry out their job and more right at their fingertips, so your productivity will boom. By moving away from traditional working methods, you will save time and money and give your team the best technology to become more proactive and productive.

Our Cloud services


Microsoft 365

Streamline your business operations with this cloud-based suite of productivity-enhancing applications. Promote collaboration, boost innovation and enhance efficiency with Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Azure

Onebyte will support you at every stage of your Azure experience, from migration to maintenance. Benefit from the flexibility, scalability and security of this unparalleled cloud platform.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Enhance the flexibility of your team with this unique remote working solution. Work from anywhere with full accessibility, security and productivity, delivered and optimised by Onebyte.

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Your cloud options with Onebyte


Public cloud


Public cloud services include providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Public cloud services are delivered via the internet and shared across multiple organisations.

The public cloud offers greater flexibility and scalability for businesses without maintenance costs, and a flexible pricing model.



The private cloud offers an environment dedicated to your business with more security benefits.

If you are looking for cloud services that provide more security and control, and are more customisable to your business needs, the private cloud is the best option for you.




The hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud services, with all the benefits of the two.

Offering high scalability, excellent security and a policy-driven deployment. You can create a hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet your business requirements.



If you are looking to move to the Cloud, this journey can take as long as you need it to; whatever platform you are after, we can help ensure your migration is seamless and successful.

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What does our Process Improvement Plan do?


We provide
world-class service

We put you first, always. We are only happy if you are happy. Customer centricity is at the heart of what we do. We work hard to make sure we can get the most out of your IT.

We are

True proactivity will reduce your IT issues to the absolute minimum which means your people spend more time doing their job than being impacted by their IT. We have developed a process that does this and it’s included in all our proactive support plans.

We can reduce IT
issues to a minimum

Our Process Improvement Plan will reduce your IT issues and make you more secure. It’s optional of course, but if you need the best, we have it.

Find out more about our Process Improvement Plan here.

We take IT off
your to-do list

Your time is valuable. We can help take IT off your to-do list by actively preventing issues and making improvements to your IT. This way, IT will never be on your to-do list again. Our Process Improvement Plan can do all the above and more; find out here.

We are open, honest & transparent

Humans make mistakes, and we are human, but making mistakes is not wrong if you are open, honest and learn from them. We are, we do, and you can count on us.

We are

We are constantly coming up with and trying new ideas to solve business problems. It’s what makes us tick. We use these ideas to improve and fill the gaps in your business processes.

We communicate

We might be geeks, but you can talk to us. In fact, we love to talk. We believe that communication is the key to great relationships in life and business.

We will not
rip you off

Good IT does cost money, but we will treat your business and your money as if it were our own. You will get outstanding service and the best cybersecurity for a fair price, which is what we would expect if we were in your shoes.

What do our customers say about us?



“I have no hesitation in recommending Onebyte to anyone who understands how integral good IT is to the successful running of a business.”


Alex Pedder,
Pedder, Chief Executive


"We've worked with Onebyte for many years. They are an extension of our in-house team. They're always at the end of the line, even out of hours. Their response time, even for tiny little issues, is really fast – that's their Superpower." 

Steve Howell,
Premium Security Services, Director


"Onebyte came up with a unique solution to our problem that none of the telecoms providers could provide: they didn't have the ability to grow a business slowly. All the way along it's been a really good partnership."

Charles Wates,
Needspace?, Founder

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