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Basic Cyber Security advice for small businesses

Basic IT Cyber Security advice for small businesses As someone who works in an SME you are busy  wearing many hats and I am guessing won’t have a DPO -Data Protection Officer, or CTO or CIO – Tech or Info Officer to call on.  If you are reading this it’s…

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IT Support for Apple Macs – 5 Tips to Help You Transition to Macs

IT Support for Apple Macs by Onebyte - 5 Tips to Help You Transition to Macs 1. Spotlight Search Pour an extra cup of coffee for your new best friend. Spotlight is a handy tool to help you find nearly anything and everything on a Macintosh computer. In the top right…

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Launch of the new Daisy HV Select VoIP – the choice for VoIP

Launch of the new Daisy HV Select. We like to roll tech out ahead of the pack. That’s why we are busy rolling out the new Daisy HV Select VoIP to all our current clients. Designed to beat the competition hands down on functionality and price it is the choice…

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Microsoft Office 365 Email Business Continuity

Microsoft Office 365 Email Business Continuity It is important to understand your approach to risk and in particluar the risk associated with Microsoft Office 365 Email and business continuity.  Riding the back of a Microsoft Office 365 outage seems a little scavenger like, but rather than pick over the negative…

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Official update on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure from Onebyte

Current and official update on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

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Post Migration Risks of Office 365

A great account from Mimecast our partner in Email Service Delivery.  The real life experience of post migration to Office 365.  

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Is the IT Department Dead?

Not if you want to deliver IT programmes that enhance your customer experience.  

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Big Data and Big Cheese

At last a big data podcast I can digest!  

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Windows 10 Release

Windows 10 release is July 29 and the bottom line is that Windows will be automatically updated on a piece meal basis, so the tweaks talked about in the article below taken from PC Advisor will get updated when they are ready, and not wait for the whole system.  It…

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The Economics of Software as a Service vs Software as a Product

Common Misunderstandings Many people presume that, because they are paying to have software on their laptop or computer, they have purchased the software itself. However, this is a misunderstanding. The majority of the time, what you are actually paying for is the license to use the software, and this license…

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Serving SME’s, Needspace praises Onebyte for its long-term IT and telecoms service

At our business centre's we also partner with Onebyte to provide internet access and VoIP telephones to circa 40 small businesses. From a Needspace? perspective it is vital to have complete trust that our partner will provide a high performing, well managed and cost effective solution. Onebyte have continuously delivered against these criteria...


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