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About Onebyte

Onebyte is a thriving, ambitious and experienced
Managed IT Services Provider

Onebyte believes that the best client relationships are built on honesty, openness and dedication. We are a diligent, helpful and interested team and focus on using the best IT available to underpin our customer’s growth and success.

Who we are

We are a creative and innovative team, dedicated to customer service with genuine interest in IT. From our bespoke and flexible firewalls to our proactive RMM and NOC team, we are doing things a little differently with great results.

We balance having a vast and ever ready IT resource with a core team responsible for maintaining a hands on approach. So whoever you speak to at Onebyte you will always receive fantastic customer service and in-depth technical knowledge
combined with a good understanding of your particular business challenges.

It is our aim to take IT challenges off your agenda, pro actively propose solutions, manage
implementations, project manage, procure, document, control and be the one-stop shop for all the IT you need to drive your business success.

– Provision of a dedicated IT Manager to create great relationships with your team.

– ISO 27001 accredited, working towards ISO 9001.

– A friendly, helpful and passionate hands-on team.

– Flexible contracts that scale with requirements and no tie-ins.

– Located only 10 minutes away making on-site visits really easy.

– More than 10 years’ experience specialising in Cloud and Hosted technologies.

– 16 years’ experience managing specialist technology partners such as SalesForce and Softcat to create cohesive platforms whilst being the one point of contact for all.

– Scalable resources to meet your rapid expansion

– Proactive System Management from a team of 750+ in our Network Operations Centre.

– True 24/7/365 IT support.

– A modern MSP ethos with a team of over 250+ Level 2/3 Engineers.

Evidence of capacity and resource

In 2015 we extended our resources with a 250 strong team of Help Desk engineers who are responsible for
delivering our remote help desk support and a further 650 in the Network Operations Centre (NOC). We have our core management and technical team in Norwich and London. This means we have a fully scalable operation and can increase capacity quickly and effectively.



Warren Pountain – Warren has 25 years’ experience in IT: 2 years as a contractor, 5 years as a sole trader and 11 years as a business owner. Dad, scuba diver, would be sailor, tech head.

Katie Pountain – Katie has 20 years’ experience in Marketing: 10 years’ experience as a Marketing Manager at the FT, 7 years as a Marketing Manager for a newspaper group, 3 years as Marketing Manager for Onebyte. Mum, yoga happy, scuba diving, festival friendly, ex clubber.

Simon Buckner – Simon has over 20 years service as a senior engineer, having previously worked at Lloyds TSB & Merceded Benz. He is an MSCE, MCP and Windows NT 4 certified engineer. Festival going, still raving, geek and cook.

Shaun Riches – Shaun has 26 years’ experience in IT: Throughout the years Shaun has been a software developer, creative
infrastructure architect and IT Manger. He loves tech, family time, classic car restoration and top-down
motoring. Often found under one of his many cars.

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