About Us

Who is Onebyte?

Onebyte is an IT service provider that specialises in providing strategically aligned, compliance-driven, managed IT services to SMEs in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

This different approach to managing information and technology is guaranteed to find and eliminate risk, increase efficiency and empower our client's businesses to leverage technology which will provide a real return on the investment they make in their IT and help realise their vision.

Our Focus

Our focus or mission as some people like to call it is to make technology and people brilliant together.

Our Vision

Great people make great organisations. Great technology enables great people. We believe that there is a direct link between what you invest in technology and the impact it has on your organisation.

By investing a bit more in the right people and processes you will lower your risk, you will increase your efficiency, you will see a real return on your investment in your IT and it will help you realise your vision.

Our vision is to transform your organisation and make it fit for the future.

Our Values

We examine in detail to discover more - we find the gaps.

We come up with new ideas to solve problems - we plug the gaps.

It matters to you and it matters to us - we care about your business.  

We always do and mean what we say - you can count on us.

We get the job done, and we get it done right - we won't let you down.

Our Team

We like unique. We are not your usual IT support company.


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