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A partnership based IT Support and Management Service for companies that need to confidently rely on dedicated IT people. From board information to end-user problem resolution this is the one-stop-shop for all your IT Support and Management.

Strategic decisions now hinge on the technology to drive them forward. You may have concerns over the best ways to automate process, frustrations that competitors are finding an edge using new software or anxieties that you don’t have the expertise available to roadmap your tech and get you where you need to be for the next phase of your planning. Our help desk, server team and field engineers fix the IT problems and manage the system and our management team plan and design your IT roadmap.

And if this sounds like its expensive, it’s not. We have spent the last 15 years adding value to all our client contracts.

This is a bespoke service and depends where you are and where you want to be. Get in touch for a ball park quote and top line proposal.

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IT Support

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IT Support

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What’s Included?

IT Manager

We manage IT pro-actively. This means getting to know your staff, your business objectives and your goals. We then task ourselves with making IT underpin your business success. It’s up to us to suggest ways to improve and add value. We see it as the difference between being a supplier and being a partner. As your partner we will actively manage the development of your systems and how your teams use them.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk is available during business hours - Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, after hours, or 24x7x365. Our highly-skilled technicians can be contacted via phone, email or web-based chat, and are ready and waiting to help answer any of your technology questions and provide fast, professional support for a variety of software applications including Windows & Mac operating systems, mobile devices, Microsoft Office, Office 365 & Google Apps.

Desktop Monitoring and Care

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops proactively monitors and addresses common problems experienced by desktop users. Whether it’s viruses, spyware issues or installing patches, we handle it all - quietly and in the background while your employees remain productive.

Server Monitoring and Care

We utilise active software installed on your server to track and analyse its activity around the clock. When a system or function fails to work properly, an alert is generated and our team will immediately investigate the issue. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll take steps to fix it - remotely at first, and we’ll escalate our response as necessary.

Cyber Security

Being online and connected to the rest of the world is great, but it comes with risks and the protection of computer systems, networks and data is a critical issue for all businesses and one we take very seriously. Unfortunately, one product can’t protect you from everything and the best approach is layers of security, that’s why we include the following products in our IT support essentials service as standard, because it’s essential.

• Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection (WSAEP). Lightweight and very fast, in our opinion the best desktop anti-virus/anti-malware product on the market.

• Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM). Because one product can’t do it all and MBAM is arguably one of the best anti-spyware and anti-malware defense you can get.

• Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security (WSAWS). These days the biggest threat from malicious software comes not from email, but from when you’re surfing the web. Web Security prevents internet abuse, minimises web-borne risks and enforces the content and access policies that optimise productive web usage.

• CryptoPrevent. Ransom-ware is big business (yes, mal-ware is a business to some!) and is based on extorting money from you. Of these, CryptoLocker is the best know and CryptoPrevent provides protection against a growing multitude of new and emerging encryption based ransom-ware that your traditional anti-virus software does not provide.

Cyber Security

We also offer a variety of custom projects designed to help optimise your IT infrastructure - including software installations, migrations, setups and configurations, and more. There are more than 85 projects to choose from - and in a lot of cases, our technicians can perform the work overnight or over the weekend; so there’s no interruption or downtime at your office.

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