On November 5th, 1941, allied code breakers at Bletchley Park broke Germany’s Enigma code, and by 1943, Churchill was reading Adolf Hitler’s daily correspondence.

This breakthrough occurred because of the sloppy conduct of a low-ranking soldier who used his girlfriend’s birth-date as his pass-key.

Enough of the history lesson. At Onebyte, we understand cybersecurity and we recognise just how vulnerable today’s businesses are to cybercrime.

We refuse to accept that cybersecurity is an operational concern. Cybersecurity is your strategic priority. It is a concept that Executives must commit to and a pattern of conduct which must be modelled for others.

Let’s also expel a myth; cybersecurity is not a technology problem; it’s a people problem.

Of course, you need good security software to act as a defence and to be effective; and it must, let’s say that again, it must use a layered approach. This is because there is more than just one attack vector, there are many – email, internet, web, cloud etc.

This is why we include multiple tools as standard to protect you, you people and your systems against attack. But good security starts with people and that is why we also include Cybersecurity Awareness Training as part of Technology Success.

So go on, call us or complete the form at the bottom of the page to arrange a 40-minute, no risk, intro meeting and find out how Technology Success will make your business and people more brilliant.