Microsoft Azure 


The cloud platform without boundaries for businesses that need a unique, innovative and secure space to be creative and grow without limits.

Start your Azure cloud journey today and transform the way you work.

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Why Microsoft Azure?

Moving to the cloud can be complex and potentially daunting for businesses. But it doesn't need to be. With the right IT partner behind you, the transition can be hassle and stress free. The advantages of Microsoft Azure are second to none.

Improve your security


Keeping your data safe is crucial. Without it, how would your business operate? Azure offers multi-layered protection and intelligent threat protection to ensure you remain secure.

Get business done


Becoming more productive and accelerating your employee's workflows is easy with Azure. Streamline internal operations and watch productivity soar.

Make your cloud
experience unique


Your business is unique, so your cloud environment should be too. Take advantage of the abundance of tools and resources provided by Azure to make your cloud experience as custom to your business as possible.

Get the support
you deserve


With unlimited resources and the proper support provided by Onebyte, you can migrate with confidence.

Understand your data


Microsoft Azure offers real-time insights into your data with in-depth analytics. We can help explain this data and show the value of this information. 

Get the most out
of Azure


We can show you exactly how Azure works, its power, and how to get the most out of your investment. We promise to help you get the most out of your cloud.

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Why is Azure better than other cloud services?

It's scalable

Azure will grow with your business; you'll only pay for what you need.

It's cost-effective

Long-term, cost-effective solutions that will help your business work better.

Onebyte co-managed IT Services
It has disaster recovery capabilities

With backup for all your essential files, trust that your data is recoverable.

You can automate your tasks

Wave goodbye to tedious and monotonous tasks and start automating them.

Better productivity

Access your files from anywhere, at the office, on the go, or at home.

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Why work with Onebyte?


We provide
world-class service

We put you first, always. We are only happy if you are happy. Customer centricity is at the heart of what we do. We work hard to make sure we can get the most out of your IT.

We are

True proactivity will reduce your IT issues to the absolute minimum which means your people spend more time doing their job than being impacted by their IT. We have developed a process that does this and it’s included in all our proactive support plans.

We can reduce IT
issues to a minimum

Our Process Improvement Plan will reduce your IT issues and make you more secure. It’s optional of course, but if you need the best, we have it.

Find out more about our Process Improvement Plan here.

We take IT off
your to-do list

Your time is valuable. We can help take IT off your to-do list by actively preventing issues and making improvements to your IT. This way, IT will never be on your to-do list again. Our Process Improvement Plan can do all the above and more; find out here.

We are open, honest & transparent

Humans make mistakes, and we are human, but making mistakes is not wrong if you are open, honest and learn from them. We are, we do, and you can count on us.

We are

We are constantly coming up with and trying new ideas to solve business problems. It’s what makes us tick. We use these ideas to improve and fill the gaps in your business processes.

We communicate

We might be geeks, but you can talk to us. In fact, we love to talk. We believe that communication is the key to great relationships in life and business.

We will not
rip you off

Good IT does cost money, but we will treat your business and your money as if it were our own. You will get outstanding service and the best cybersecurity for a fair price, which is what we would expect if we were in your shoes.

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What our customers say about us



“I have no hesitation in recommending Onebyte to anyone who understands how integral good IT is to the successful running of a business.”


Alex Pedder,
Pedder, Chief Executive


"We've worked with Onebyte for many years. They are an extension of our in-house team. They're always at the end of the line, even out of hours. Their response time, even for tiny little issues, is really fast – that's their Superpower." 

Steve Howell,
Premium Security Services, Director


"Onebyte came up with a unique solution to our problem that none of the telecoms providers could provide: they didn't have the ability to grow a business slowly. All the way along it's been a really good partnership."

Charles Wates,
Needspace?, Founder

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