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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM)

Our RMM platform is directly supported by 650+ technicians at our NOC (Network Operations Centre), who absorb up to 90% of alerts 24x7x365. With our team acting as an extension of your workforce, we’re able to offer proactive problem resolution and unparalleled support.

Our RMM solution is delivered via a SaaS-based management portal, and is built to dramatically increase operational efficiency — allowing us and/or your IT department to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints.

There is one service level for servers and one for desktops, they are:

Elite Server Care – completely offloads server monitoring and management to Onebyte’s NOC. Alerts and tickets are sent to our remediation teams, which remotely connect to troubled servers to apply the appropriate
solution 24/7/365.

Total Desktop Care – offers the optimal blend of RMM tools, back office services and bundled third-party software options to provide efficient and effective desktop management. Features include patch management, anti-virus & anti-malware, remote access, scripting, client communicator, reporting, inventory and more.

RMM Features

Monitoring & Reporting

Intelligent Alerting
A proprietary alerting system that generates smart, actionable alerts that you can trust. Alerts generated by our IntelliMon system include links to knowledge base articles and problems are classified based on alert status and severity, so we can quickly and easily determine which issues require immediate attention.

SNMP Monitoring
Unify network device management through SNMP monitoring of network devices such as printers, UPSs,
Firewalls, and Routers.

The reporting section provides a wide variety of reports and data insights — including technical systems
information, asset collection, preventative maintenance, performance and application monitoring, and more. Asset and inventory scans are scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from user desktops and provide three high-level Executive Reports.

Maintenance & Management

Trained Experts at Your Side
Our technicians are here to support you every step of the way — whether it’s providing remediation
documentation and best practices, or completing routine maintenance and project work for you. We
continuously capture, document and codify our experience in the form of business rules and a knowledge base, so we have quick access to the relevant and useful information to help resolve issues quickly.

24x7x365 Coverage
The Onebyte team monitors and manages your systems around the clock, 365 days a year.

Endpoint Protection
Scheduled anti-virus installation checks and definition updates are available for our own Endpoint Protection (Desktop Anti-virus & Anti-malware) as well as many third-party AV applications.

Client Communicator
An app that runs in the system tray and improves client communication and support — allowing us and you to synchronize newsfeeds, send instant messages, and integrate scripts to provide users with tools to fix problems on demand. It also integrates with our Help Desk, so users can request help via chat rather than over the phone.

Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

BCDR means different things to different clients and the sky is the limit. If you accidently delete a file, chances are your IT will be able to restore it as most companies have at the very least a 30-day rolling backup of their files. One question we ask all companies we meet about their backup is; do you know how effective your backup is and when was it last tested?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR or BC/DR) are closely related practices that are an extremely important to a business and often overlooked, misinterpreted and under sold. What would you do if your server blew a fuse one day and decided not to work? How quickly can your company be back up and running and what would this cost you?

Below is an overview of the Backup and BCDR we would recommend to your company.


Our SmartBackup service provides one of the most comprehensive backup and BCDR solutions currently available. It can backup a single file, an application or a whole server.

Onsite and offsite – Back ups are automatically saved to the cloud in our UK data centre and optionally to local storage – giving instant back up redundancy.

Data Compliance – Is not a problem as we can set longer retention periods for your files should you need it. During backup and rest your data is highly encrypted with a private key which ensures only the owner of the key — you – can recover and access your data.

File Versioning – Files that change less frequently can ‘drop out’ of the configured backup retention. File versioning lets you specify the minimum number of file versions to retain, mandating files to be included and improving recoverability.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – With the ability to provide bare metal recovery to new hardware or virtual recovery to Microsoft’s Azure
platform, SmartBackup provides the BCDR your company needs.

Fully Managed & Tested – SmartBackup provides our engineers with real time alerts and email reports on the state of your backups. Not only that we’ll test the BCDR on a quarterly basis to make sure everything works as it should.


We offer a hands-on approach to delivering fully configured devices to your staff. The process would changes slightly if we are delivering a lot of machines at any one time, but in essence we would follow the following procedure. For bulk procurement we would work together to road map the roll-out.

1 – Agree selection of standard specification machines per role

2 – Customer fills in request form via Help Desk

3 – We source best price from variety of distributors, inc. SoftCat ad provide quote

4 – Customer signs off, we order same day as sign off

5 – Machine delivered to us for configuration of default apps, logging into domain, creating accounts etc.We liaise with customer on anything specific to them.

6 – Deliver to customer with customer service call.


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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) Our RMM platform is directly supported by 650+ technicians at our NOC (Network Operations Centre), who absorb up to 90% of alerts 24x7x365. With our team acting as an extension of your workforce, we’re able to offer proactive problem resolution and unparalleled support. Our RMM…


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