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Hosted Desktop Solutions

As part of our cloud IT services, Onebyte provides hosted desktop solutions to suit all IT requirements, from a fully-managed hosted desktop service to hosted Exchange email and hosted applications.

Hosted desktops provide you with your office environment from anywhere you choose to work, offering an up-to-date system, the latest software versions, energy-saving hardware and responsive, high-performance servers.

Better, easier, safer IT — from anywhere — Onebyte’s hosted desktop package:

– High performance Microsoft virtual servers, HP hardware and MS Office.

– The ability to run any application.

– Microsoft SQL server to drive larger shared database applications.

– Microsoft Outlook Exchange email to allow file, calendar and email sharing.

– Market-leading email archiving and security.

– 5GB of storage for each user (more available).

– Multi-device compatible.

Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

BCDR means different things to different clients and the sky is the limit. If you accidently delete a file, chances are your IT will be able to restore it as most companies have at the very least a 30-day rolling backup of their files. One question we ask all companies we meet about their backup is; do you know how effective your backup is and when was it last tested?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR or BC/DR) are closely related practices that are an extremely important to a business and often overlooked, misinterpreted and under sold. What would you do if your server blew a fuse one day and decided not to work? How quickly can your company be back up and running and what would this cost you?

Below is an overview of the Backup and BCDR we would recommend to your company.


Our SmartBackup service provides one of the most comprehensive backup and BCDR solutions currently available. It can backup a single file, an application or a whole server.

Onsite and offsite – Back ups are automatically saved to the cloud in our UK data centre and optionally to local storage – giving instant back up redundancy.

Data Compliance – Is not a problem as we can set longer retention periods for your files should you need it. During backup and rest your data is highly encrypted with a private key which ensures only the owner of the key — you – can recover and access your data.

File Versioning – Files that change less frequently can ‘drop out’ of the configured backup retention. File versioning lets you specify the minimum number of file versions to retain, mandating files to be included and improving recoverability.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – With the ability to provide bare metal recovery to new hardware or virtual recovery to Microsoft’s Azure
platform, SmartBackup provides the BCDR your company needs.

Fully Managed & Tested – SmartBackup provides our engineers with real time alerts and email reports on the state of your backups. Not only that we’ll test the BCDR on a quarterly basis to make sure everything works as it should.

Cloud environments

Forming the right kind of cloud:

Onebyte understands Cloud, it’s our specialist subject and we have evolved to meet the operational needs of the many custom built apps and websites that are central to business success.

From start to finish we manage testing, staging and production environments. We provide any combination of the right developers, systems, networks and admins. We design and build the infrastructure and then work either with your teams or you use ours to build a custom ‘DevOps’ plan and deliverables.

So don’t spread your resources thin, let your developers develop. Don’t use up your IT Support time, let them keep your business functioning. A modern Managed Service Provider, like us, can do it all for you.


Design, deploy, automate and support your cloud with end-to-end support

Our job as your Cloud Operations and go to DevOps team is to support the entire organisation in getting your products and services to market. We create the infrastructure and manage the process of continual enhancement and delivery.

Our DevOps and cloud operation process:

Design your cloud:

Using a combination of automation, 3rd party tools and our knowledge we will design and maintain a resilient and reliable infrastructure and minimise the risks of any downtime, ensuring optimal use of fail over and fall back processes.

Maintain your cloud:

Our role is also to provide efficient problem resolution working with the development team to solve technical problems, but also act as a point of contact for your customer service and sales and marketing teams or anyone responsible for delivering that product to your customers.
Our service packages are based on hourly rates.

Support Desk – First point of contact for technical issues

Included in the service is designing and documenting the procedures and processes required to effectively manage fault resolution.

Reporting a technical issue

Say customer service receives an issue, they deem it technical and raise a ticket with us. We use our 24/7/365 help desk to prioritise the call and trouble shoot and fix, within our SLA.

Reporting an emergency issue

An emergency could be that the website is down. In most cases our monitoring tools will have already picked this up and we will be working on the fix. Customer Services will raise a ticket to our 24/7 help desk who will immediately begin troubleshooting or escalating the issue as needed to ensure fast resolution.

Time estimate

Starting out with a new app –
1-2 days per month

Already delivering and building your market –
2-4 days per month

Wowing the world, streamlining your operation –
4 days +

What on earth are they up to in there?

You might ask, and it’s a good question. Here is an example of how we spend your time.

Let ‘s assume you are on the 1 day/month plan.
Those 8 hrs would be utilised with the following tasks:
– monitoring, ‘keep an eye’ on the health of their environment
– respond to any requests involving the infrastructure (provisioning, troubleshooting, support, performance, log analysis, etc.)
– review the environment setup architecture and suggest design changes/upgrades

In general, just to monitor the proper operation of a small environment one engineer would need the 8 hrs / month

It ‘s common for one or two small requests to come in every month which will require at least 2 hrs.
This all adds up to the entry level which is a good fit for very small environments and covers both monitoring and a couple of small requests.


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Hosted Desktop Solutions As part of our cloud IT services, Onebyte provides hosted desktop solutions to suit all IT requirements, from a fully-managed hosted desktop service to hosted Exchange email and hosted applications. Hosted desktops provide you with your office environment from anywhere you choose to work, offering an up-to-date…


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