Steps to help prevent attack from Virus’ GoZeus and Cryptolocker

Hello everyone,

You may have heard about the very real threat of 2 new virus’ called GOZeus and Cryptolocker.

This software gets into your PC via email, email attachments and the web and installs software that attempts to capture bank details, re-direct money transfers and steal personal data. It is estimated that over 15,500 are UK based companies are infected already, and over £60 million has already been stolen.

We want to make you aware of the threat, and what you can do to help minimise risk at work.  For those clients that employ Onebyte services for your Managed Antivirus then the systems we use are working to minimise the risks associated with this virus and every step is being taken to prevent a successful attack.

If you don’t use Onebyte or another Managed Services provider that provide Managed Anti-Virus we urge you to take precautions against this attack and future ones.

Please take this communication seriously and complete whichever of the following steps are relevant to you:

If you have any suspicions about an email attachment or link or your system’s security please call us on 0203 189 2100.

Best wishes, Katie