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Reassuringly human IT pros.

Making the Most of your ‘Human Resources’ With all this focus on tin, tech and code you’d be forgiven for thinking IT engineers and software developers aren’t particularly human, at least that is a common perception; geeks in server rooms wearing unusual fashions with a passion for Heavy Metal and…

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Steps to help prevent attack from Virus’ GoZeus and Cryptolocker

Hello everyone, You may have heard about the very real threat of 2 new virus’ called GOZeus and Cryptolocker. This software gets into your PC via email, email attachments and the web and installs software that attempts to capture bank details, re-direct money transfers and steal personal data. It is…

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The internet has a centre a bit scary and very thought provoking article for a Monday morning #CloudComputing #Hosted #InternetOfThings .  The cloud is not all it’s cracked up to be, there must be control and accountability, you still need people you can trust at the end of the phone or in an office they actively…

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Creating a unified IT system

I came to appreciate the blend of corporate expertise combined with a personal touch that Warren brought to the relationship.


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