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Review your IT Customer Service

Good customer service — don’t get me started.  A large DIY warehouse, full of DIY stuff for the layman and no-one there to help us use it.  I have spent an entire hour of my life waiting for a small piece of timber to be cut so I can fit…

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Onebyte & EEEGR 2014 – Sea of Opportunity

We have become members of the EEEGR, the East of England Energy Group.  The EEEGR is the industry association for energy in the East of England and we are one of 390 members representing this sectors supply chain. As a company that likes to understand the sectors our clients work in,…

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Becoming an apprentice

Today is my first day for starting work experience at Onebyte, this is a stepping stone for me and the company to move onto an apprenticeship once I’ve finished my current level 3 diploma in IT. I will be contributing to this blog every week about my current progress within the company as well as regular…

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IT and how it plays a part in the offshore and energy sector UK – SNS2014 and the EEEGR

SNS2014: New Speaker Programme Announced EEEGR conference We are exhibiting at the SNS2014 on 5th-6th March…come and see us! The UK’s most significant conference and exhibition focused on the Southern North Sea energy business this year has now released it’s new speaker programme.  Day One‘s theme is ‘Technology and Innovation’,…

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Keeping TSS Security’s IT Secure

Over the years that they have been our contracted IT support they have developed innovative systems and addressed our bespoke requirements throughout the growth of our company. They have been very helpful in understanding our growing needs and offering solutions that are practical, cost effective and secure. As with any development work there can be teething problems, however with Warren's approach to customer service and support we have been able to resolve issues quickly and competently.


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