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IT Support how to unsend an email

I am literally copying this blog post from Claire Diaz-Ortiz as it is possibly one of the digital era’s most useful IT support and IT help desk answers. This piece of IT know-how could save you…from embarrassment! Genius post Claire – thank you!! Happy Thursday, folks. Claire Diaz-Ortiz here with…

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Hosted Desktop Pricing – looking beyond the short term ROI issue, this Managed IT Service is a winner.

If you need help making a case or understanding the benefits of a Hosted desktop environment and Hosted Desktop Pricing, we think Citrix have done a good job of it with this white paper below. It’s not too full of IT jargon and I think makes business sense. We can…

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WordPress Permalinks with Nginx

We recently updated our website and although we are very pleased with it we thought we would share some of our some of our experiences getting it up on the web. Our preference is to run Nginx (pronounced Engine-X) instead of the more widely used Apache web server. We use…

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Onebyte provide us with IT Support, VoIP Telephones and our internet connection. Using VoIP has proven to be a very smart way of operating our telecoms, creating cost savings and providing better functionality and as a business that relies heavily on incoming calls, we need that reliability that the Onebyte service provides.


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